Minecraft: Custom Mod Challenge Pack

Mod Pack

Minecraft : Challenge Pack

Hey guys, crazy season coming!! Super busy with the move to Florida though so I am not sure if it will go up for download any time soon. Here is a full list of the mods though, so you can download them!! This may be updated a few times in the series!

Mod List

OreSpawn Mod
Better Dungeons ModLion King Mod
Kingdoms of the Overworld Mod
Superheroes Unlimited Mod
Dimensional Doors Mod
Eternal Frost Mod
Hardcore Ender Expansion Mod
Weather Mod
Mutant Creatures Mod
Battlegear Mod
Instant massive Structures Mod
Better Furnaces Mod
Treecapitator Mod
Vending Machine Mod
Lucky Block Mod
Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod
Damage Indicators Mod
Battlegear Mod
Animal Bikes Mod
Animated Players Mod
Antiplant Virus Mod
Archimedes Ships Mod
Armor Bar Mod
Baby Animal Model Swapper Mod
Backpack Mod
Back Tools Mod
Bibliocraft Mod
The Cake is a Lie Mod
Custom NPCs Mod
Decocraft Mod
Dragon Mounts Mod
Dungeon Pack Mod
Magic Carpet Mod
Enchanting Plus Mod
Familiars Mod
Gravity Gun Mod
Torched Mod
Gizmos Mod
Golem World Mod
Hats Mod
Infernal Mobs Mod
Iron Chests Mod
Magitek Mechs Mod
Modular Pots Mod
More Swords Mod
More Enchants Mod
Morph Mod
Nature Reborn Mod
Ninja Mod
Not Enough Items Mod
Optifine Mod
Power Tools Mod
Rival Rebels Mod
Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod
Ruins Mod
School Mod
Secret Agent Mod
Special Armor Mod
Telepads Mod
Trollstuff Mod
Villager Mincer






















Download and Installation



1. Install the latest version of Forge 1.7.10 (http://files.minecraftforge.net/  Choose the installer version of Forge 1.67.10 latest version) Choose client install.

2. Download the Mod Pack

3. Open the zipped file and drag all of the folders into .minecraft (Search %appdata% on your PC, choose Roaming then .minecraft)

4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge

5. Play!

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