Herobrine's Lair - Minecraft Adventure Map


Herobrine’s Lair : Minecraft Adventure Map

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Herobrine’s Lair is an epic adventure map which features 10 extremely challenging boss fights. This is one of the most difficult maps you will ever play and will have to battle your way through hordes of mobs to reach the ultimate battle against Herobrine! This map is designed for 2 players, but can be played with between 1 and 4.



- 6 Bosses, 3 Secret Bosses, 1 SUPER BOSS
- Custom Gear and Custom Shops
- Secret Areas and Treasures
- Customized Mobs
- Traps
- Engaging Storyline
- Created by PopularMMOs



1. Download the Zipped file and open it.

2. Search %appdata% on your PC.

3. Open Roaming, then .minecraft, then saves.

4. Drop the file from the Zip into that folder.

5. Play!

Important Information

- If you play my map, make sure to leave a link to my trailer in the
- Make sure to have command blocks enabled
- DO NOT load the map in peaceful
- DO NOT re-host my download link anywhere!

- Use the lower resolution texture pack if you have a lower end PC

Download VonDoomCraft!


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