Minecraft: Shape Shifter Mod


Minecraft : Shape Shifter Mod

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The Shape Shifter Mod allows you to turn into any Vanilla Minecraft mobs. What makes this mod stand apart from other is that you can actually use the mobs abilities, making this mod extremely useful is many situations.


- Turn Into Any Mobs
- Mob Abilities
- Created by zacuke

- Updated to 1.6.4



1. The creators are working on a Forge version of this mod, for now this must be installed manually.

2. Download the Mod, then go to your Versions folder (located in .minecraft)

3. Copy the folder one 1.6.4 and then paste it in the same folder. Rename is to 1.6.4modded. Now open this folder and rename both of the files 1.6.4modded. Open the .json file and chance 1.6.4 to 1.6.4modded (located at the beginning)

4. Open the .jar and open the file you downloaded. Now drop all the files into the .jar. Delete Meta-Infi Folder located inside the .jar

5. Open Minecraft then edit profile and chance Use Version to 1.6.4modded. Play!  This mod is not compatible with other mods, if you are trying to run other mods too it will not work!


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