Minecraft: Ultimate Adventure Mod Pack

Mod Pack

Minecraft : Ultimate Adventure Mod Pack

The Ultimate Adventure Pack is one of the most comprehensive RPG Adventure Packs available to date. It consists of 100s of generates structures to make exploring more exciting. There are many new dimensions to explore with unique challenges and rewards. During your adventure you will encounter huge amounts of mobs and bosses as you travel through the deepest dungeons. The most powerful weapons will be needed to defeat these challenging foes. This pack also has a custom created health system where you acquire more hearts as you gain experience. There are many pets and even creatures than can be ridden to add more life to your world. What are you waiting for? Your adventure awaits!

The Ultimate Adventure Mod Pack Includes the following mods and permission was given by these amazing creators to me personally or publicly:

OreSpawn - Created by TheyCallMeDanger
Better Dungeons - Created by Chocolatin
Tropicraft - Created by Cojomax99
Lord of the Rings - Created by Mevans
The Lion King - Created by Mevans
Legendary Beasts - Created by Davidee
Ruins - Created by AtomicStryker
Battle Gear 2 - Created by Mine_And_Blade_Admin
Dungeon Pack - Created by Stuuupiiid
Cyan Warrior Swords - Created by MutangXPress7
Animal Bikes - Created by Noppes
More Health - Created by nohero
Mutant Creatures - Created by thehippomaster21
Familiars and all Packs - Created by pitman-87
Golem World - Created by Solonarv_
Lava Monsters - Created by FatherToast
Minions - Created by AtomicStryker
Battle Towers – Created by AtomicStryker
Infernal Mobs – Created by AtomicStryker
Special Mobs - Created by FatherToast
Flesh to Leather - Created by AiryBreath
Backpacks - Created by Eydamos
Treecapitator - Created by bspkrs
Enchanting Plus – Created by Freyjadono
Buff Bar - Created by Crudedragos
Armor Bar - Created by Crudedragos
Not Enough Items - Created by chicken_bones
Pet Bat - Created by AtomicStryker
Utility Mobs - Created by FatherToast
Shipwreck - Created by cpacal
The Cake is a Lie - Created by Toinane
Weather - Created by Corosus
TelePads – Created by senpaisubaraki
Bibliocraft - Created by Nuchaz
Damage Indicators – Created by rich1051414
Better Furnaces - Created by TheFrogMC
Ultimate Tools - Created by Umbrosus
Zan’s Minimap - Created by MamiyaOtaru

Download and Installation


1. Install the latest version of Forge 1.6.4 (http://files.minecraftforge.net/  Choose the installer version of Forge 1.6.4 latest version) Choose client install.

2. Download the Mod Pack

3. Open the zipped file and drag all of the folders into .minecraft (Search %appdata% on your PC, choose Roaming then .minecraft)

4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge

5. Play!

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